Are you a Tobacco Addict? How it harm your oral health?

Intake of tobacco is the only thing on the earth that has zero positive effect on the human body. 

Most of the oral issues that get enrolled every year are due to chewing tobacco or smoking tobacco. Tobacco spoils your entire oral cavity which is the main passway of all the vitamins or essentials that we need for our body.  Therefore, taking proper care of the oral cavity should not be ignored. 

What happens when you chew tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is less harmful as compared to smoking but it is harmful. Chewing tobacco may lead to mouth cancer. The number of cases registered for throat and mouth cancer is due to tobacco. When a person is addicted to chewing tobacco it destroys the environment of the oral cavity. The harshness of tobacco affects the teeth and gums to a larger extent. The excess of tobacco intake leads to discolouring of the tooth, the formation of tartar, bad breath, and gum diseases. 

The intake of tobacco increases the heartbeat rate and the blood pressure rate. The prolonged chewing of tobacco may lead to heart diseases and the person may get heart stroke as well. Tobacco may also lead to the formation of white patches (also known as Leukoplakia) inside the mouth which are called “precancerous mouth lesions” which could turn out to be cancerous in the future.

What are the repercussions of smoking?

Smokers are at risk of developing tartar and plaque which eventually leads to periodontal diseases. Smoking increases the chances of periodontal diseases to three times that of normal people. It affects the saliva flow in the oral cavity that forms sticky filming on the teeth that discolours the teeth. Staining of the teeth may start if not treated in time. 

Cigars, cigarettes, or pipes affects the blood flow in the oral cavity which affects the gums. As a result, it leads to other tissue or nerve-related issues. Dental treatments take a lot of time to heal as it delays the healing capability of the tissues. 

According to the World Dental Federation, there are almost 4.9 deaths every year caused due to tobacco. If the consumption level does not lessen dramatically the number may reach up to 10 million as well. Smoking also leads to lungs and throat cancer added up by chronic bronchitis, asthma, cold, cough, and at times heart attack as well.

How to stop/quit the intake of tobacco?

Quitting tobacco is the only cure for all tobacco-related problems. In case you have had already started having problems because of tobacco, you can seek help from the doctor. There are various ways to overcome nicotine cravings. Adding oral hygiene to your daily routine could help you a lot, such as brushing twice a day. Most of us do not brush at night, once you start brushing teeth after dinner it eventually reduces the craving. There are various mouthwashes that your doctor might prescribe which gives freshness hence you start enjoying the freshness. Chewing gum can reduce the craving of chewing tobacco. Indulging oneself with other activities and keeping away from people who are into tobacco could help. 

What are the advantages of quitting tobacco?

Tobacco helps us in no way, so discarding tobacco would only benefit us in many ways. A tobacco-free life will give a better sleep after a few weeks. It improves dental health and reduces the risk of cancer or heart attacks. Your teeth start recovering. You eventually start feeling energized. And above all it saves MONEY!


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