All about Clear Aligners

Aligners are virtually invisible alternative treatment option to braces. They are the new normal for the misaligned teeth .Not all teeth malalignment can be corrected with it .The malalignment that involves mild to moderate crowding and spacing, mild rotated teeth and also the relapsed case after the braces treatment.

Steps for the treatment:

The pre operative stage of the teeth to be corrected will be scanned with an intra oral digital scanner and the precise document and video will be made .the patient and the clinician will be able to judge the before and after scenarios in the patient`s mouth through the video. After the approval from the orthodontist and the patient, the technician will prepare the required amount of templates. The number of template may vary from 20 to 24 sets or likewise. For the correction of the tilted teeth a composite attachment might have to be placed over the particular teeth .maximum of 20 attachments can be placed if required.

Reproximation or ipr (interproximal reduction) may have to be done for the proper fitting of the aligner template in some will be recorded and documented prior in the scan.

The aligners can be removed while brushing or having food. It should be worn for at least 22 hours a day. Avoid having anything hot with the template inside the mouth as it may lead to the shrinkage of the same.

Once the treatment is concluded, the patient is asked to wear the clear retainers for a perfect smile with straightened teeth.

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