Dental Implants Benefits

You’ve pondered upon various available options for replacement of your missing teeth. You’ve heard every single dentist you know, vouch for dental implants being the best option out there. Probably always wondered what the deal is with these dental implants! What exactly are dental implants? We’re glad you asked!


To begin with, let’s have a look at the variety of treatment options available to replace your missing teeth!

You can get either of these:-


  • Crowns and bridges
  • Removable dentures
  • Dental Implants


As you already know, among the above-mentioned options leaning towards longest life and maximum long term comfort would be dental implants.


What are dental implants?


Picture a tooth. The kind of pictures you might see in a dentist’s office or in your high school textbooks. It is mainly divided into 2 parts:- It has a crown portion, the whitish part in your mouth which shows up when you smile; And there is a root portion, the one embedded in your gums, anchoring your tooth deep inside your jaws.  A dental implant is a metal insert that acts as the root of your teeth, being embedded inside your jaw bones. On top of the implant, a prosthetic crown is placed. The one that replaces your pearly whites. The implant and the crown, together replaces your natural tooth as one unit, simulating nature to the utmost!


What’s unique about dental implants?


They are made up of titanium/zirconium which are the most biocompatible materials available. Their strength level ranges from 100-220MPa, which makes them incredibly strong to support forces of mastication (chewing).


These materials have a very special property, they can integrate (fuse) with the living bone of your jaw, a process called osseointegration. That’s what allows an implant that has been properly placed to remain looking good and functioning well for a long, long time. And isn’t that what everyone wants from their teeth?


Are you all pumped up to get your missing teeth replaced!?!?!?


Wondering how long will it take?


Dental implants can often be immediately placed on the same day as the removal of your tooth, and the crowns on them can be placed within a week. Don’t you worry, until then you will be provided with temporary crowns so as to make sure your smile doesn’t have a dent!


Incase your situation does not make you eligible for immediate implant placement, after thorough debridement (clearing off all the dead matter after removal of your tooth) and healing, the implant can be placed within a span of 1-2 months. Until then temporary teeth can be provided in order to keep your smile intact!


What to expect during your treatment?


To ease your worries, lemme mention at outset that the procedure is relatively a minor surgical procedure and you won’t feel a thing during the same! You will be under the effect of local anaesthesia, which means the area where your implant is being placed is going to be numb! As I mentioned, you won’t feel a thing!


After thorough interpretation of your xrays and scans, the doctor will decide the ideal size and position of your implant. Following which at the ideal location, a relatively small channel, a hole will be prepared in your bone. This is known as an osteotomy (“osteo” – bone; “otomy” – to cut or separate). It will be prepared using certain high grade stainless steel or gold coated drill bits especially designed for implant placement. During the procedure, generous amount of water/saline cooling will be performed to ensure no overheating or damage to the bone occurs.


Next, Implants will be placed straight into the site and healing process will begin. The surgical procedure will end with placing sutures (stitches), which will be removed in a week or 2. And Viola, your implant placement is done! Relatively a simple procedure right?


What to expect and follow after the surgical procedure?


Owing to gentle tissue management described above, you will face minimal discomfort and healing would be very predictable (95-97% success rates). You will be prescribed medication to combat inflammation or infection.


All that would be expected from you is to keep the area well maintained, consume the prescribed medication and mouth rinses, and follow all the instructions given your dentist. Not to forget, religiously attend to your dental appointments for further regular check-ups and for fixing of your crown!



The replacement of a tooth with a dental implant is generally an easier and more well-planned of procedure than most people imagine it to be. Don’t you agree? Come-on after all this knowledge you have gained on the subject you are a good judge to decide!


Let’s get that beautiful smile restored!

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