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We visit a dentist only when we notice any kind of abnormality inside the oral cavity or when we have a toothache. But the most interesting part is we never take time to think that pain is probably the last symptom that shows the damage of the tooth. By the time we notice the pain and reach the dentist, teeth have already suffered the damage. 
Here are some of the dental facts that we miss out or do not bother to pay attention to. 

Dental Fact-1

Back teeth should be brushed properly

When it comes to brushing, most of the adults and almost all kids do not brush properly. Brushing for two to three minutes won’t help. Brushing properly is more necessary, we as adults most of the time ignore the backside of the teeth. Whereas it is the hotspot where the leftover or food particles accumulate and cause infection.
Ignorance of proper care of the back teeth leads to periodontal diseases or gum diseases. 

Dental Fact-2

Only washing mouth is not sufficient, Flossing is “must”

We all have enough knowledge and exposure to various types of mouthwashes but we skip the most important part of the oral hygiene regimen i.e “Flossing”. No matter how properly we brush our teeth, we sometimes miss out on the interior and most inner part like the minute space/gap between the teeth where a brush can merely reach. This might lead to diseases or bad breath. It is when flossing does the necessary. 
Flossing helps in curing bad breath and it also lessens the chances of tooth decay. Alcohol-based mouthwash might help for an hour or two to avoid bad breath, but flossing gives a permanent solution to it.

Dental Fact- 3

Do not panic for your toothache

The toothache is normal. However, like our other body parts, our teeth have to be taken care of. It is said that dental diseases sometimes could lead to heart diseases as well.

So it does not matter if you have a toothache or not, what matters is, if your teeth are healthy or not. Sometimes, we may damage our teeth without our notice or any pain. It is advised to go for a regular dental check-up to avoid the consequences. 

Dental Fact- 4

Baby Teeth is “important”

We as parents sometimes ignore the tooth decay or dental disorders of our kid. No doubt, baby teeth will fall out by the passage of time and will be replaced by a new pair of teeth but this does not let us take the freedom to ignore baby teeth. Kids sometimes may not be able to figure out the pain or the symptom of the disorder. 
Chocolates, ice-creams, and sweets spoil teeth of kids which leads to tooth decay or infection resulting in a tooth abscess. Baby teeth are important because rotten or weak teeth would lead to bad or weak teeth in the future. 

Dental Fact- 5

Sodas affect the teeth

Flavoured water or acidic water affect our teeth to a larger extent. The acidic water ruins the tooth enamel by decreasing the pH level. It leads to tooth decay as well.

Dental Fact- 6

Don’t fuss around for toothpaste

The commercial ads about the toothpaste with innumerable add ons such as clove oil, salt, fluoride or any whitening toothpaste do not really matter much. Fluoride-based toothpaste is beneficial for teeth but alone toothpaste cannot keep your teeth healthy until and unless you brush your teeth properly in proper order followed by flossing. 

Dental Fact- 7

Sanitization of a toothbrush is not necessary

There is no requirement of sanitizing the toothbrush, clean the toothbrush with normal water properly so that nothing is left behind on toothbrush after brushing. Change your toothbrush every three months. 
In case you suffer from a mouth sore or you share your brush with someone else, then change the brush or sanitize it. 

Dental Fact- 8

Do not miss night brushing

Most of us skip brushing at night because we are lazy. Yes, we are. Brushing at night is compulsory because the night is the longest hour when the bacteria ruin our teeth. Leftover food particles or sweet extracts attract the bacteria. 

Therefore clean your oral cavity properly before sleeping for better oral hygiene.

Dental Fact- 9

Discuss everything with your doctor

If you have any doubts or questions regarding your oral health, discuss it with your dentist. Never leave the clinic with a question in your mind. 

Dental Fact- 10

Trust your dentist more than Google

We all have become techno-savvy if anything goes wrong or we find something abnormal we directly jump over to google and try to find out the matter. It is never such, your doctor who diagnoses you know your condition better than google. In case you have any doubts do cross-check with other dentists to solve your dental issues. 

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