JAS Dental is practicing dentistry with the utmost care & concern to avoid COVID contamination

COVID has brought in terror for all of us, starting from the dentists to the patients. All we care about now is about the precautions to take against COVID-19. Everything can stop but health needs its attention when it demands. We can never ignore our oral health, the intolerant pain of the tooth, so all you do is rush to a clinic that is safe for you as well as your tooth.

JAS Dental does not only take care of your oral health rather it takes care of you as well during the time of this pandemic. 

Clinic disinfection
Our clinics are disinfected regularly at proper intervals in order to make sure that our clinic and its surrounding is safe for our patients. 

Appointment schedules
We schedule the appointment of all our patients in proper gaps so that we get time to disinfect the clinic after each patient and maintain social distancing.

You are SAFE
Our dentists have taken self-protective measures like wearing eyewear, face-shield, mask, and gloves to avoid transmission/contamination of diseases between patients and doctors.

Proper sterilization of instruments
We sterilize all our instruments right after the procedure/operation. With JAS Dental there is no fear of cross-contamination.

Call & consult with us 
As COVID is taking time to be under control, we have run the show anyway. Everyone is very skeptical about going to a clinic straight away. We also have an option to call and consult with our doctors and come to the clinic if it is necessary. Else the dentist can prescribe the medication for the cure.

Come over to JAS Dental for happy and safe treatment 🙂
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