Read more what causes bad breath

Does your bad breath bother you? Read more what causes bad breath

You speech describes your confidence if you can’t speak confidently you miss out a vital part of you. Don’t let your bad breath steal your confidence from you. 
Bad breath is also known as Halitosis, it is an oral disorder which blows out foul smell while a person talks. The causes could be poor oral hygiene or internal disorder that is related to stomach, intestine or the digestive tract. 
It is hard for prognosis what is the matter that’s causing bad breath. It is always advisable to reach out to dentists to make sure things are proper, if not, then get proper treatment for it. 

How to know if you have bad breath?

It is common to get bad breath when you wake up in the morning; the reason behind it is very simple. During sleep, it is approximately 8 hrs when our body releases least saliva and our oral cavity has the maximum bacteria, which leads to bad breath. Whereas, one has to worry about bad breath when it continues the entire day. It is then when you know you have bad breath which needs immediate consultation. 

How to check if you have bad breath?

Sometimes, your friends and family would tell you that your mouth is stinking and you should take care of your oral health. If not, then you can check it on your own. 
Follow the steps to check:
Step 1: Fold your hands like a cup over your mouth
Step 2: Breathe out air to your hands and breathe in through your nose immediately. 
Once you breathe in, you can know if your mouth stinks or not. 


Step 1: Lick the opposite side of your wrist. 
Step 2: Wait for a few seconds and smell the part you licked.

What could be the probable reason for bad breath?

Bad breath could have a variety of reasons such as:

  • Food that has strong odour such as garlic and onion. The smell of garlic and onion is not only limited until a person eats and washes the mouth. It lingers till the substances exist in the body.
  • Poor oral hygiene is also one of the reasons why a person might suffer from bad breath. Regular brushing and flossing, twice a day are the basics of oral hygiene along with tongue cleaning.
  • Gum diseases or periodontal diseases, plaque accumulation and tooth decay could also be a reason. If a person suffers from gum diseases or periodontal diseases, the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity is higher which leads to foul smell. 
  • Bad breath is not only limited to oral diseases or issues, but it could also be because of pneumonia, sinus, bronchitis or any other digestive issues like acidity or kidney issues.
  • People with dentures & bridges, sometimes do not clean or maintain them properly which could lead to bad breath.
  • Bad habits like alcohol consumption and chewing tobacco could also lead to bad breath.

How to prevent bad breath?

Prevention is always better than cure, however, there are ways to avoid bad breath but it is always advised to visit a dentist for prolonged issues. 
The following precautions or care could help:

  • Drink a lot of water. Keep the oral cavity hydrated. 
  • Make sure you practise oral hygiene like brushing and flossing twice daily. You can learn to floss correctly and systematically here
  • Drink green tea or black tea as they help in killing the bacteria and keep the oral cavity clean to some extent. 
  • Learn properly how to take care of your dentures and teeth and keep them clean.
  • Quit drinking, smoking and chewing tobacco as it leads to bad breath. Also affects health to a larger extent.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for cleaning and check-up

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