Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Treatment in India

Smile designing is a dental procedure which artistically creates straighter, whiter & beautiful natural looking smiles. smile makeover can do wonders to fully restore your dental health and appearance regardless of original state of your existing teeth.

When do we need Smile Makeover?

Well, here are few conditions of the oral cavitiy, where u can cross check and go for smile makeover…
• Discoloured teeth
• broken/chipped teeth
• gaps between teeth
• crooked teeth
• gummy smiles
So usually combination of treatments is required for creating beautiful smiles depending on the condition of oral cavity…
*some smile designs will require only veneers.
*in other smile designing procedure we require combination of veneers& porcelain crowns.porcelain crowns are chosen when teeth are weak such as endodontically treated teeth(root canal treated/if there is any previous filling).
* multiple missing teeth may require multiple implants or an implant supported denture.
*if too much gum tissue is showing or gums are uneven when the individual smiles,then a “gum lift” is done with lasers to reduce the amount of gum showing.
*if only few teeth are veneered, then the other teeth are whitened before the smile design is completed. This makes sure that smile is enhanced and brightened.

Implant Treatment

Advanced Endodontic Care

One of the ways our Dubai Endodontists provide the most efficient and comfortable root canal treatment is thanks to our state-of-the-art dental microscope. Dental microscopes allow enhanced, accurate imaging of the internal surfaces of your tooth roots. As such, your root canal treatment is more effective and successful, compared to endodontic therapies performed without a microscope. 

Incorporating of a root canal microscope allows us to ensure no lingering infection, attention to any secondary canals, and thorough cleaning of the tooth before the root canal filling is placed. None of these surfaces are visible to the naked eye, so a dental microscope takes your care to the next level for a predictable procedure.

Symptoms of Dental Implants

Smile Makeover​ Treatment Procedure

During endodontic therapy, we gently numb your tooth to prevent any sensations or stimuli during the appointment. From there, the nerve chambers are accessed and the tissues inside of them are removed. We use our dental microscope to thoroughly oversee the cleaning inside of each canal. Next, the tooth is filled to seal out any new bacteria. The overall process typically requires one appointment, followed by a dental crown.

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Invisible Aligners treatment in Bangalore
Invisible Aligners treatment in Bangalore

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Dr.Satya Reddy


Dr. Satya Reddy is the leading Endodontist in Bangalore, India with over 13 years of clinical experience in advanced endodontic treatments.


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Dr Madhukeshwara S Naik is a dental consultant specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery and oral oncology with 12 years experience.



Dr. Basha is the leading Implantologist in Bangalore, with over 20 years of clinical experience in advanced Implant

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Smile transformations can vary from few weeks to few months depending on the condition of individual. If it is only composite bonding you can appreciate the results within an hour depending upon number of tooth to be case of teeth whitening it might take few sessions to notice the improvement…and in cases where implants are required it will take around 6 months to year since this duration will allow implants to get integrated in the bone and to allow for maximum healing of the gums.

Is there any age limit to undergo Smile Makeover?

As a general rule a person should be over the age of 20 years.Age is also dependent on what type of procedure is required.whitening can be done on older teens.veneers are usually not done until after the age of 20 because they are irreversible.if orthodontics is involved the individuals should start in their early teens(10-12 yrs of age) to take advantage of their growth spurts.

What are the common procedures used & their indications during Smile Makeover?

*Composite bonding: usually advised as filling for decayed teeth/uneven or chipped teeth.
*Dental Veneers: to minimize teeth spacing.
*Implants& bridges: indicated for replacement of missing teeth.
*Teeth whitening: advised in case of discolored teeth.
*Braces/Aligners: advised for the correction of irregular teeth/malocclusion.
*Gum Reshaping: for treating gummy smiles.

Are there any side effects with the procedures?

Usually smile makeovers do not have severe side effects.but there can be mild side effects like sensitivity of teeth and irritation of gums sometimes.

Are the results of treatment permanent?

No,the results cannot be considered permanent and will require regular monitoring and maintaining proper dental and oral care.sometimes,a next smile makeover may also be required after several years.

How to maintain the results of Smile Makeover?

*Highly abrasive tooth pastes and tooth brushing habits can scratch the surface of restorations, dulling their polish and luster.therefore,non abrasive fluoride toothpastes are recommended.
*flossing is a key factor in removing debris & plaque from teeth, and actually increases life span of restorations and helps to prevent tooth has a significant role for people with porcelain veneers, in order to maintain proper gum health.
*use alcohol free mouth washes. since , alcohol content in mouth rinse with time can degrade the bond between restorations and teeth.
*limit consumption of coffee, tea, soda etc.., to keep your smile stain free.
*refrain from biting/ chewing hard object like pens, opening bottle caps etc..,
*when in doubt, visit your dentist without any hesitation.

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