Wisdom teeth and more you should know about it


Wisdom Teeth are the last pair of molars or the third pair of molars which helps in chewing and grinding the food in a better way. People get wisdom teeth in their late teens or early twenties. For some, it does not make many of issues but for some, it really bothers more than anything. The wisdom teeth pain ends up in the removal of the teeth or may end up in a dental clinic.

Why is Wisdom Teeth named so?

Many people misunderstand the name “Wisdom Teeth” as people who have enough wisdom, tend to get “Wisdom Teeth”. But it is nothing as such. As a person tends to get the pain of wisdom teeth in their late teens or early twenties, it is the time when people are smart, mature and responsible enough to understand things and life. Hence, it is named as “Wisdom Teeth”

What is the need for Wisdom Teeth?

Our generation does not need a pair of wisdom teeth. It is not something that is so important for a person to be alive. It was centuries and years go when our ancestors fed on raw meat, roots, leaves and hard edibles which needed the pairs of chompers to chew or crush the food. 

Now that technology has improved so much that we merely put any effort to eat the delicacy. 

It is fine if a person is born without a pair of wisdom teeth.

Why “Wisdom Teeth” is also termed as “Impacted Teeth”?

Out of 100, very few are lucky enough to have their pairs of Wisdom Teeth without removal. Most of the adults, these days suffer from “Wisdom Teeth” removal. 

Sometimes the wisdom teeth are not healthy and are not aligned properly as well, due to which a few dental issues occur. In that case, the “Wisdom Teeth” is known as “Impacted Teeth”.

What causes Tooth Impaction?

As wisdom teeth are the last pair of molars, sometimes it may happen that the gums are already filled with the teeth which makes it clumsy and there is no space for new molars to pop out. 

Sometimes, the wisdom teeth positions themselves horizontally or away from the other molars, or may be angled inward or outward which affects the adjacent teeth. 

Impacted teeth’ partial eruption causes a lot of pain and sometimes bleeding as well. It also leads to infection as the partial opening allows bacteria to get it. Impacted teeth lead to stiffness, tooth decay, and gum diseases. 

The impacted teeth create difficulties in brushing and flossing as well. 

What are the probable symptoms and problems associated with Impacted Teeth?

Impacted teeth are not associated with everyone, a few of them are lucky to have a pair of wisdom teeth without any issues. However, a few may come across a lot to get rid of impacted teeth.

Following are the symptoms of Impacted Teeth:

  • Jaw pain
  • Bleeding gums
  • Jaw pain
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty in opening mouth
  • Swelling around the jaw

An Impacted Tooth may give rise to a number of problems associated with it, such as:

  • It damages the other adjacent teeth which may lead to other orthodontic treatments or crowding of teeth
  • It creates a sac-like structure within the jawbone, the sac eventually gets filled with fluid forming a cyst. The cyst damages the other nerves and teeth nearby.
  • The imparted teeth or the misaligned teeth are harder to clean, as a result, the teeth eventually start decaying or formation of cavities.
  • It also gives rise to other gum diseases known as pericoronitis which creates painful and inflammatory and degrading gum conditions.
  • It also leads to lesions
  • Bone loss around the roots

How Impacted Tooth is treated?

Initially, the doctor would wait and monitor if the tooth is really creating issues. In case, it does not, then it can be left the way it is.    

When the tooth starts creating problems then the dentist may go ahead with Impaction. However, for some, it may take a minor surgery to pull out the tooth. In case, the tooth the stuck inside the gum, in a misaligned way it may lead to major surgery. 

If the tooth shows minor issues, then Eruption aids can be used, like braces and brackets. If necessary a baby or adult tooth can be extracted in case it is blocking the canines.

Post-surgery the dentist may prescribe for a few sedatives and may advise being on a liquid diet. After the check-up and assurance that everything is fine, the person may go ahead with a normal lifestyle.

For the best treatment for Impacted Teeth or if you are one among them who aren’t lucky enough to have their wisdom tooth, then chill at least you have the best dentists to cure them for you. Book your appointments with Jas Dental.

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