Your UNHEALTHY lifestyle can ruin your oral health

Binge eating junk food and drinking carbonated water has become a vital part of everyone’s life in the 2020s. Especially the young generation over-eat unhealthy food like there is no tomorrow. 
The busy schedule of our generation has affected our lives unexpectedly. There is no sleeping time, where our body merely gets enough sleep. 
Sleep deprivation & junk food are the two aspects that affect the health of an individual.

Over-eating of Junk Food

Junk Food is nothing but unhealthy fats and carbohydrates which lead to over-weight among youngsters. Junk foods are high in calories and carbohydrates and low in nutrition which degrades health and often leads to heart issues, obesity, and diabetes. 
It is said that heart issues are someway related to oral health issues and sleeping abnormalities.

Hookahs or Shesha

Hookahs and Shesha are trending among the youngsters these days, which seems cool and sassy. But the youngsters have no idea about how harmful gases could affect their health. The vapor of hookah and shesha contains carbon monoxide, carcinogenic agents such as metals. It affects the gums which lead to gum diseases, loosening of teeth and at times may lead to oral cancer as well. 

Tobacco & Smoking

Undoubtedly tobacco and smoking do not only affect oral health whereas it affects the entire human body. Chewing tobacco could lead to staining of teeth, reduces the capacity of the gums to heal themselves, and it leads to oral cancer. 

Sodas/Carbonated Water

Carbonated water and soda are high in their pH level which increases the acidic level of the oral cavity making it toxic. The increase in the acidic level of the cavity also affects the enamel of the teeth which tends to the strongest part of the teeth.

Alcohol intake

Alcohol intake could lead to accumulation of plaque, staining of teeth, dry mouth and gum weakness which could lead to tooth loss as well.

Irregular sleeping pattern

Irregularity in the sleeping pattern could lead to bruxism, Temporomandibular joint disorders. 
Bruxism plays a major role in wearing off of the teeth due to stress which leads to unconscious grinding of teeth in sleep. The following abnormalities could lead to sensitivity and pain.

Improper brushing pattern

Brushing plays a major role in keeping the oral cavity fresh and bacteria-free. Brushing twice is the basic rule for the maintenance of oral hygiene. However, some people skip brushing which increases the pH level of the oral cavity and leads to the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. As a result, uninvited diseases arise like gum infection, tooth decay, staining of teeth due to plaque. 

An ideal lifestyle leads to ideal health!

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