Smile Confidently: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Straight Teeth with Clear Aligners

Dentistry is itself a specialized health care branch that deals with each and every kind of tooth/teeth ailments, be it pain or decays or correction of smile and teeth alignments. This beautiful branch is vast and not only restricted to oral cavity but the whole of head and neck.

Majority of the population has some or the other kind of mal-aligned tooth/teeth, for example- crowding, rotated tooth/teeth, spacing/gaps and a lot more.  For such cases, ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT is done which consists of Braces, Appliances, Retainers, etc.

The emergence of modern dental technologies has led to the development of CLEAR ALIGNER, now serving as a viable alternative to the conventional braces approach in dentistry.


Clear Aligners are thin, clear, BPA- free, biocompatible trays, which are customized according to your teeth, applies pressure on teeth for correction of mal-alignment and minor mal-occlusions, comfortably.

It is an alternative to conventional braces, that provides great comfort and are easy to use and maintain. Thus, it has gain popularity among the people who want to opt for orthodontic treatments but in an esthetic way.

They are 100% safe to use because they are made of high quality materials, which are very much compatible with oral tissues and oral mucosa.

What Are Clear Aligners Made Of?

  • They are made up of thermoplastic, polyurethane resin material, which is BPA- free.
  • BPA means Bisphenol A which is a harmful material when used in organic compound form, used in low grade plastic bottles.
  • It is undoubtedly made of safe, high grade biocompatible materials.
  • Aligners, unlike conventional braces, are easy to use and maintain.
  • Easy to wear and remove.
  • It is clear, invisible, so nobody can make out that you are wearing one.
  • Esthetic, can be worn in public places without any hesitation.
  • Good patient compliance, patient can use it easily.
  • No fear of ulcers or irritations, less pain as compared to braces treatment.
  • Effectively moves teeth to desired position like Braces but with more ease and comfort.
  • Lesser instances of external apical root resorption, due to tooth movement as compared to traditional braces treatment.
  • Oral hygiene maintenance is not hampered.
Why you need Clear Aligners?

Aligners provide more comfort and esthetically acceptable. They can be easily given to esthetically concerned patients or to patients who are mostly involved in public speaking or public works. They are easy to maintain, comfortable to use.

Aligners don’t require elaborate clinical setup as is done in orthodontic braces treatment. No involvement of wires or metal brackets over your teeth. Chances of getting ulcerations and gum irritations are much lesser as compared to traditional treatment but works as much effectively as the regular orthodontic braces.


Patients with Permanent dentition and these conditions, as mentioned, are the best candidates for an effective Aligners treatment:-

  1. Mild to moderate spacing (1-5mm).
  2. Mild to moderate crowding without extraction.
  3. Crowding that require incisor extraction.
  4. Deep over-bite (class ii, div ii).
  5. Narrow arches that require expansion.
  6. Molars that require distal tipping.
  7. Absolute intrusion of one or two teeth.
  8. Anterior cross-bite.
  9. Orthodontic relapse case.


-Patients with fully erupted permanent teeth.

-Patients with class I relation with dental malocclusion and not skeletal malocclusion.

-Patients who are majorly concerned about their esthetics.

-There is no age limit except children with primary dentition or mixed dentition phases.

-Patients with orthodontic relapse cases but don’t want to opt for braces treatment again.

-Patients with good co-operation, patience and positive attitude.

What Orthodontic Cases Can’t Clear Aligners Fix?
  1. Aligners are not effective for difficult and complicated cases like severe crowding, severe malocclusions, severe spacing of more than 5mm, orthodontic treatment of cleft lip and palate cases etc.
  2. Poor patient co-operation.
  3. Primary and Mixed dentition cases
  4. Skeletal malocclusion cases.
  5. Ortho-gnathic surgical cases.
  6. Teeth with developmental anomalies like peg shaped teeth, short clinical crowns, ankylosed teeth, etc.
  7. Patient with poor oral hygiene like gum diseases and poor periodontal conditions.
  8. Patient with Dental implants in position where tooth movement is required.
  9. Patient with centric relation and centric occlusion discrepancies.
  10. Open bite, extruded teeth, severely rotated teeth, multiple missing teeth, severely tipped teeth.
  11. Patient with Dental implants, bridges, TMJ disorders.
  12. Patient with poorly controlled Diabetes and other detrimental health conditions.


Our Aligners are cost-effective, inexpensive as compared to imported aligners available in the market. We have a best team of trained doctors, well-equipped laboratories and best technicians in the town who are involved in customizing your desired smile and alignment corrections, functionally and esthetically.

Depending on the case difficulty and duration of treatment, there may be slight variations in the prices which is inclusive of all taxes and material costs till the end of the treatment.

No extra amount, no hidden charges.

Easy EMI options available (that ranges from the start of the treatment till the termination of the treatment).


  1. Consultation, x-ray/full mouth x-ray( to be taken if necessary), diagnostic pre-op photographs.
  2. Full mouth impression is taken for model analysis and digital scanning done.
  3. Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan given by the dentist.
  4. Samples sent to lab, technicians evaluate and using CAD-CAM technology produces Clear aligners which may vary from 6-40 trays depending on case and patients.
  5. Depending on cases, aligners are given or attachments are placed , thus treatment proceeds.
  6. Aligners have to be changed every 15 days. Patients are provided with new sets designed according to their teeth relation.
Precautions You Should Follow After Clear Aligners Treatment
  • The trays have to be cleaned only using soap solution or dishwasher solution.
  • Abrasive substances cannot be used to clean it.
  • Patient need to change the set of trays every 15 days in a month.
  • Patient has to wear it for around 12-14 hours per day for effective result.
  • Avoid consumption of food and beverages while wearing the aligners as it may cause damage to the aligners and they may turn translucent. Aligners can be worn after the consumption of such items, while following the oral hygiene instructions given by the Dentist.
  • Avoid consumption of hot and cold food items and beverages while wearing the aligners. Avoid acidic substances.

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