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We always work according to our terms, we make sure that our patients are satisfied with us. When a patient enrolls himself with us, we add them to our family. Contacting our patients personally and reaching a conclusion is what makes us different. Wherever Jas Dental is today it’s all because of our supportive doctors who were with us in each and every step. From all the free dental camps that Jas Dental has conducted was possible only because of our hard-working and enthusiastic doctors who never let us down.

Jas Dental has never compromised with the quality of maintenance. Maintaining a hygienic environment with utmost cleanliness has been our major concern. Sterilizing the instruments and disinfecting the clinic is a daily chore at Jas Dental. We are equipped with the latest technologies (laser treatments, tooth implantations, and many more) that would make our work easy in treating our patients the best! We make sure all our doctors are aware and updated with the developing technology and implement it on our patients for the best treatment.

We Started in 2001

It all started in 2001 when we started it in a small clinic in Kormangala named “Basha Dental Clinic ”. Dr. K. Mahaboob Basha who has been untiringly there all this while for the service of the public.

50,000+ Happy Clients

Trust, love, care, patience, and expertise are five key points we put our concern on. Jas Dental works day in and day out to give away the best to the patients.

Our Specialist Team

Meet our exceptional dentists dedicated to transforming smiles with precision and compassion. Our experienced professionals bring a fresh, vibrant approach to dentistry, ensuring top-notch care for your oral health needs. Discover the expertise that makes Jas Dental a trusted choice for creating confident, healthy smiles.

Dr. Kishore MSV


Dr.Kishore MSV is one of the leading consultant orthodontist in India and overseas with a clinical and academic experience of 20 years in the field of Orthodontics.


Maxillofacial Surgen

Dr Madhukeshwara S Naik is a dental consultant specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery and oral oncology with 12 years



Dr. Basha is the leading Implantologist in Bangalore, with over 20 years of clinical experience in
advanced Implant treatments.

Dr. Dikshya Bose

General Dentist (4 Years of Experience)

Dr. Dikshya is a General and Family Dentist, providing various range of quality dental services with her expertise, emphasizing on oro-dental health. She has vast experience of handling patients and dealing with their problems with care and patience to deliver the best for them.

Dr Dhanish Ahmed

General Dentist (2 Years of Experience)

Dr. Dhanish Ahmed is a general dentist, passionate about educating patients on importance of oral hygiene. Committed to providing the best patient care through high quality service

Dr. Miji M K

General Dental Surgeon (8+ Years of Experience)

Dr. Miji M.K is a experienced General Dentist with 8+years of providing excellent patient care in Cosmetic, Restorative and General Dentistry. Dedicated to patient education on oral hygiene, ensuring a comfortable and successful experience with compassionate communication and top-notch service.

Dr. Ramyashree K S

General Dentist

Dr Ramyashree K S is a General Dentist who is passionate about educating patients on the importance of oral hygiene. Committed to providing the best patient care through communication and high-quality service.

Dr. Nibras Ruqaiya

General Dental Surgeon (3 Years of Experience)

Dr. Nibras Ruqaiya, with 3 years of dedicated experience in dentistry, combines a passion for oral health with a commitment to patient care. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, she brings a fresh and vibrant approach to dentistry, leaving a lasting impact on her patients' well-being.

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