Where we Started?

It all started in 2001 when we started it in a small clinic in Kormangala named “Basha Dental Clinic”. Dr. K. Mahaboob Basha who has been untiringly there all this while for the service of the public. The love poured by our patients gave us the confidence of going ahead and expanding our clinic and serve people with every bit that was on our part. It was then when the journey started for Jas Dental. One fine day in 2010 we established Jas Dental. Eventually, with the passage of time and the acceptance of the public and the trust, it made us expand our branch all over in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

From a small clinic in Bangalore, we have now 7 branches, out of which 5 are in Bangalore and 2 are in Hyderabad. Expanding with these branches we never let down our patients neither have ever let them go back with a heavy heart. Jas Dental has appointed dentists from all around India. Our dentists are masters in their firms. 

Trust, love, care, patience, and expertise are five key points we put our concern on. Jas Dental works day in and day out to give away the best to the patients.


Why Jas Dental?

We always worked according to our terms, making sure that our patients were satisfied with us. When a patient enrolls himself with us, we add them to our family. Contacting our patients personally and reaching a conclusion is what makes us different. Whatever and wherever Jas Dental is today it’s all because of our supportive doctors who were with us in each and every step. From all the free dental camps that Jas Dental has come across, is all because of our hard-working and enthusiastic doctors who never let us down.

Jas Dental has never compromised with the quality of maintenance. Maintaining a hygienic environment with utmost cleanliness has been our major concern. Sterilizing the instruments has been a part of lives for all the doctors working in Jas Dental. We are equipped with the latest technologies (laser treatments, tooth implantations and many more) that would make our work easy in treating our patients the best! We make sure all our doctors are aware of the developing technology and implement it on our patients for the best treatment.



Dr. K. Mahaboob Basha has an outstanding experience of more than 18 yrs. As we say learning is a never-ending process, it suits the best for Dr. Basha. His curiosity to learn more and educate himself with the latest discoveries such as Laser Treatment, Tooth Implantation,Full Mouth Rehabilitation, etc has kept him going till date. Contributing and attending seminars, and learning sessions have always been his interests.

Our Dentist