Dental care tips for dads

To all the Superhero Dads out there….

Thank you for the life that you gave us. Thank you for the values and love that you have inculcated within us to be a better person in each and every phase of our life. You are the first love of every daughter and the best friend of every son. Just like you take extreme care for our needs and requirements, leaving no stone unturned, similarly are you taking care of yourself and your oral health in that way?

Often our dads neglect their own oral health due to various undeniable commitments and responsibilities. Now, it’s the right time for you to think about improving your oral hygiene and maintenance to avoid future dental and oral complications and systemic conditions.

Here are few tips for you:-

  1. Get yourself checked with your dentist every 6 months to prevent future oral infections and diseases. Most of the systemic health issues have signs and symptoms that gets reflected in your oral cavity like Diabetes, Anaemia, leukaemia, jaundice, tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV/AIDS etc. So your dentist is the one who can identify them before your Physician.
  2. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  3. Brush twice daily using fluoridated toothpaste (toothpaste that contains fluoride are good for teeth) for 2 minutes and then massage your gums regularly to keep it healthy.
  4. If possible rinse your mouth after every meal.
  5. Use a good mouthwash for a fresh and odour free mouth. Not only it helps control bad breath but also fights the harmful germs that causes dental decays and bad breath.
  6. Do not ignore the dental diseases that you might have got like cavities, gum swelling, pus, deposits over your teeth and gums, pain due to deep decays, broken teeth or missing teeth. Get it checked and treated as earliest as possible.
  7. Flossing your teeth at least once a day will help prevent accumulation of food in between your teeth, thus reducing the chances of getting dental decay in between your teeth.
  8. Eat plenty of fibre-rich and crunchy vegetables and fruits. Not only they are healthy but are good for your teeth too.
  9. Try to include more of milk and milk-products like cheese, paneer etc., into your diet as they are rich source of calcium and makes our teeth stronger.
  10. Avoid frequent snacking in between your meals as this leads to more accumulation of food in between your teeth since you won’t have time to rinse your mouth or drink water frequently after that and thus gets neglected.
  11. If you have a sweet tooth, have it in limitation and only during your meal times , not after that. In this way you can control the pH balance of your oral cavity.
  12. Having multivitamin tablets (after your physician’s consent) can help you regain the vitamin balance in your body that helps in overall health management.
  13. Always brush using soft toothbrush and in a technique as suggested by your dentist. Overbrushing and wrong technique usually leads to abrasion and attrition of your tooth surface and thus your sensitivity and become susceptible to dental decays more.
  14. If you are a denture user or removable partial denture user, keep your dentures always clean using water and soap solution and remove them and place them in water when you are not using it. This helps to relieve the pressure on your gums that you might get upon whole day usage.
  15. After undergoing any type of dental treatments, try to visit your dentist after 3-6 months for a follow up check up to make sure you are doing good with your oral health maintenance.
  16. A special tip for all the new dads, kissing your baby on the lips will lead to transfer of your oral microorganisms to your younger ones. So keeping a healthy oral cavity is a must, Don’t forget. And you will be able to raise a child with healthy oral cavity like yours.
  17. Those dads who are expecting a child , do get your spouse for regular dental check-up and treatments because along with nutrition even oral microorganisms are getting exchanged between mother and the child in the womb. Mother ’s oral health plays a major role in deciding the oral health of your child.

Dears dads, always remember you are the role model for your family, friends and peers. The more concerned and aware you are , the more healthier the whole family becomes. A healthy mouth means a healthy body. Oral health plays a great role in maintaining the balance of the overall health of our body.

Get some time out to take care of your oral and dental health, restore your smile and lead a healthy and happier life.

Happy father’s day to all the lovely dads. You are our pride and reason of our existence.

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