In these recent times every person on this planet has become more conscious about the environmental changes and it’s effects. Everyone now wants to switch to eco-friendly products for their use and consumption.

Because of excessive usage of plastics in our day to day life , now there has been recent evidence of presence of micro-plastics in our blood stream for the first time. This has raised the concern among all human beings for an alternative to plastic usage and reduction of plastic consumption.

Likewise Modern Dentistry, through innovation and tremendous research, is beginning to embrace the eco-friendly aspect and in this way nurturing good oral habits among the conscious individuals through SUSTAINABLE ORAL HEALTH CARE AND HYGIENE, while keeping in mind the environmental implications.


It is as simple as maintaining proper oral hygiene using products that are sustainable, eco-friendly yet scientifically approved for regular usage. This not only improves your oral hygiene maintenance but also reduces the overall plastic wastage and non-environmental friendly chemicals from day to day life. Thus protecting the human health and the environment consciously and in sustainable manner.

How much is it necessary?

Sustainability and replenish-ability is the answer for the future. Through sustainable materials we can not only provide better health to ourselves but we will be contributing more towards the environment with lesser plastic usage, lesser fossil fuel and energy consumption and other exhaustible resources, instead using more natural sources that are readily available and can be replenished again in future.

What can be used as eco-friendly and sustainable oral care

  1. Alternative for Plastic Toothbrush- Eco-friendly Toothbrush made of Bamboo /neem wood, which are not only anti-bacterial but are easily biodegradable
  2. Alternative for Toothpaste Plastic Packaging- Various brands internationally are producing chewable toothpaste/ toothpaste tablets in an eco-friendly or sustainable
  1. Alternative for Plastic Toothbrush Holders- Nowadays-eco-friendly toothbrush holders are available in the market which are made of bamboo or neem wood.
  1. Alternative for Plastic Tongue Cleaner- The best alternatives for plastic tongue cleaner are the age old stainless steel tongue cleaner and wooden tongue cleaner. Both of these alternatives are easy to use, harmless to human body as well as to nature.
  2. Alternative to regular mouthwash bottles- Refillable Mouthwash are available in the market, mostly internationally or in international platforms which are non-toxic, alcohol , made of medical grade materials and the container can be refilled again. Not only there will be cut in cost, but unnecessary production and wastage is also avoided. Also, Mouthwash Tablets are also available nowadays.
  3. Alternative for Regular Dental Floss- Nowadays eco-friendly and naturalDental Floss are available which are made up of Bamboo fibresBamboo Unifloss is also available in the market which consist of bamboo holder and floss made of bamboo fibres.
  1. Alternative for Battery operated Toothbrush- Solar charged Electric Toothbrushes are the best alternative for  chargeable battery operated electric toothbrushes which not only helps in conserving fuel and energy but making use of naturally available source if energy for it’s operation. Eco-friendly as well as Sustainable.
  1. Water Flosser is also a new hit among the people for the very reason that it requires water to floss in between your teeth a great alternative for a regular dental floss and along with sustainability, it’s a one time investment too.

These recent alternatives has been a much hit among the people who are conscious about their oral health as well as sustainability. Not only these products are naturally processed but also will help in reusing and recycling process without causing any hard hitting damages to the environment.

Further developments and researches are undergoing to make dentistry and dental materials and accessories more sustainable and eco-friendly.

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